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[Compile] Ishida, Rangiku, Nanao, Hisagi

Nanao had to agree with Rangiku even though she wasn't going to voice it. There were many mistakes she had made and many more she was more than likely going to make. Where her mistakes deviated from the other vice captain's was that she knew who and what to believe or at least she was pretty sure. But it was really hard to be one hundred percent sure nowadays.

She was still lost in thought and paying attention to anything but her surroundings when Hisagi stepped into their small circle. To cover the slight surprise, a hand moved up to her glasses and she adjusted their position on her nose as she bowed her greeting.

Intuition and trusting one's judgement. In her mind, Ishida was correct. What could you trust? All of her second guessing and all of the times she pushed herself down wasn't helping her. What she was missing these last couple of weeks, months was the trust in herself.

"Nothing," she answered even if the question didn't need to be. It was a little depressing in light of what was currently happening, but she couldn't help it. Maybe next time she felt like answering a questions she'd pinch herself, but she knew that even that wouldn't stop her.

When Rangiku started talking, there was nothing Nanao could say. It wasn't directed toward her so it didn't feel right jumping into the middle of it, but what she said felt like something she could have said. The only thing she could do was nod her head.

"So I take it you live by your instincts, Ishida-san?" she asked, trying to stay away from whatever the other two needed to talk about.

Knew what she had to do? The felt a bit ominous. Hisagi frowned a bit, but the expression wasn't much different from his usual, so it could easily be overlooked. He didn't know what, exactly, Rangiku was thinking about, or what she was referring to. It could be a great many things, and the truth was, it had been so long since he really tried to connect with Rangiku, that he couldn't even safely hazard a guess.

He felt like running a hand through his hair, but resisted the motion. Knowing that a problem existed and knowing what you had to do, that was more than half the battle. Rangiku had a good head on her shoulders, one of the smartest women he knew, and he didn't doubt that whatever her decision may be regarding whatever she was thinking, it was probably for the best. There had only been one area she'd always been a bit blind about, and that was really more a person than an area. It wasn't his place to say anything about Gin, though; asides from her personal life being exactly that--personal--there was also the fact that Hisagi wasn't exactly objective.

Besides, he certainly was in no position to give advice about love lives. As it was, things with Nemu had never looked so bleak. And that conversation with her father...Hisagi felt cold thinking about what Mayuri might do to his daughter, knowing what he apparently knew.

"Do what you think is best, Rangiku-san." Hisagi finally said, softly as he gazed at her before turning to look off into the distance. "We got your back."

Did he?

Ishida sometimes felt himself torn between logic and instinct. He trusted his own instincts but felt those who acted upon their own too quickly to be rash and impulsive. Kuorsaki was rash and impulsive. He wasn't. And yet... The way he fought was years and years of training and honed skills. Every move of an enemy was carefully watched and measured to be countered with his own.


But when he'd found out that Inoue had been kidnapped by a shinigami far too interested in her powers and had no real plan of attack, rescue, or even an idea of where she was, what had he done? Gone after her.


The day at the zoo, coupled with various other incidents over the months, had let him know that he wasn't yet strong enough to really fight Adaro and anything she could throw at them. Logic. But he had a way, a forbidden method, to become stronger. Instinct.

"Where logic fails me, I allow instinct to take over," Ishida said after a moment of silent contemplation, reaching up with his gloved fingers to adjust his glasses on his nose as he glanced over at Ise. "And vice versa. I recognize the value of each but realize the downfalls of each as well."

He had her back? It had been a long time since she heard those words from anyone. Though she was a confident and self-assured woman, Rangiku liked having the support of her friends behind her. Especially when she knew in her heart the things she needed to do and face up to were hardly things that would win her any awards.

She smiled softly, more to herself than at those around her. It was if she felt herself again and no longer haunted by her own insecurities.

She stretched and picked up on the conversation between Ishida and Nanao. Logic versus instinct, hm? She was a creature of instinct and only depended on logic when that fail, but as she had admitted, she had failed to follow both in recent months. She only hoped she wasn't too late with what she knew she had to do.

Staring off in the direction of the fight she felt Hyourinmaru flare up for another attack. She felt another bankai flare up. Surprise registered as she felt just who that sudden raw burst of energy belong to. She shook her head and looked at the other two vice captains. "Either of you two knew Renji could do that? Damn kid. I need to catch up now."

How much instinct did she allow to take over when logic failed her? She used to think that logic would never fail her. There's always an answer to a problem and one could always think about this answer before needing to take action, even in battle. But now, after all this uncertainty she wasn't so sure. So maybe the better question for her was: How much instinct did she really have? She had training. Her body knew what to do, but was that instinct? Was there another instinct that she still had yet to see, experience. It was something she was wondering if she was missing, but it was something she knew she should think about later or maybe not at all since Nanao was fine with believing that she had enough instinct to allow her to stay alive.

"That's something I believe not a lot of people can do. Hopefully you are good at deciding which one should take over at the right time," she said, steeling herself up again in order to push herself back into the shinigami she was. She was useful when she wasn't giving much thought to emotions. She was Nanao when she relied on logic.

Nanao shook her head at Rangiku's question regarding Renji. "No. It seems as though he has spent a lot of time making sure he can stand his ground alongside the captains." She tried to stay optimistic in her thinking that he would be able to walk away from the fight with the captains and that the captains would be able to walk away as well. It just seemed as though this fight was never going to end.

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[Ishida] I have a promise to keep.

The burst of reiatsu, even at this distance, rushed over Ishida, making very single hair stand on end and goose bumps to raise over his flesh. His hand felt hot as the reishi pulsed in the air, only by closing his fist was he able to resist the urge to draw his bow. His clenched his fist and gazed down at it, not even asking just what it was Abarai was doing that was causing this heightened reiatsu. If he could feel such power from such a distance.... radiating, so easily channeled, thick and potent...

What was he doing here?

The boy stood up slowly, his head turned to gaze off in that direction, and dropped his hand. That power... It was not an idle power. It was a fighting power, one of courage and spirit and desperation. Everything the shinigami felt. Everything he too, even a Quincy, felt. Confusion and pride and dedication. Determination to win and sacrifice. Everything he'd felt before donning the glove, an action he'd done even though it broke a promise to his grandfather, he'd done it to fight. To have a chance and more against this threat.

He could tell that it was already four very strong shinigami against Adaro.. But the shinigami were hardly the only ones suffering in this war. It might have been their fault, who knew, that brought about this war in their home. They were hardly the only ones effected.

The Quincy line was sorely misrepresented in this fight.

Even he knew, at his current power, he couldn't stand alone against Adaro. Not without sacrificing all. But he'd be proud to stand beside the shinigami and if he could, fire the killing shot. For revenge, and an end to this all. To give Adaro and whoever she might be, no chance at redemption.

Shinigami zanpakuto cleansed souls... A Quincy's arrow destroyed the soul, not allowing it to pass on to whatever afterlife it might deserve.

"Whatever it is Abarai-kun is doing," Ishida said, glancing over his shoulder at the shinigami and reaching to adjust his glasses, "it is the same logic and instincts compel me to do as well. If you'll excuse me... I do have unfinished business with Adaro. It was I who struck one of the first blows against her. It is only fitting I be there to witness, if not strike, the last."

A cocky smirk touched the boy's face before his foot shifted, utilizing hirenkyaku to gather a bit of the surplus of reishi in the air to him, and take him from the gathering. With any luck, he'd make it across town to the fight before the shinigami could claim all of the glory.

And before he lost the ultimate chance to keep his promise to his grandfather. And show that shinigami and Quincy could fight together. Even if this time it was just because of a common enemy... Fighting back to back was fighting back to back. No matter the cause.

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[Rangiku] I have a bitch to slap.

Not a woman to be out done by a man or a boy at that (even if he was a gentleman and rather charming), Rangiku stood and reached into her purse for her soul candy. The moment she was separated from her body, she felt alive with the thrill of battle ahead of her.

Though she hadn't fared very well against the woman's Arrancar, Rangiku wasn't the same woman she was a few weeks ago. There was also the fact that she would not be alone in this fight. She would be fighting along side people she trusted with every fiber of her being.

She turned to face Nanao and Hisagi and flashed the latter a winsome smile. "Are we gonna let him show us up?" She held out her hand to the male hoping he would take it. As she gazed at him, something in the secret depths of her heart she was offering more than a mere escort to battle.

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[Nanao] *could slap her with my zanpakutou*

She almost tried to stop him. Almost. But what he had said pushed a foot forward. It was true that she wasn't as strong as most of the others, but if the Quincy was going to head over there to help, then she should as well. Nanao didn't want to be upstaged by someone other than a shinigami. Perhaps this was instinct working in her because the logic of the situation didn't make sense. To be heading into possible death...

A small smile appeared as she turned to Rangiku and shook her head. The smile disappeared as soon as he eyes fell on Hisagi. "No, that would be embarrassing as a shinigami."

With that, Nanao bowed at the pair and took off behind Ishida. She wouldn't just fight to get back home, but she would also fight for herself, to find the woman she lost during her time here. Her captain would see how she changed and maybe he'd be proud of her and their relationship could return to where it was.

Her hand moved to her hip as she left her gigai to run her fingers over her zanpakutou. She was ready for anything from now on.

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[Hisagi] Would like to do something else to her with my zanpakutou.

It felt like an ending. Or perhaps a beginning. These days, it was hard to tell the difference between the two. Hisagi stood for a moment, watching the young man disappear, catching Nanao and Rangiku's eyes and seeing something in himself mirrored in both of them. A need to do something, to stop standing on the sidelines and allowing the world to continually kick them back down to their knees.

No, the world wasn't doing the kicking. Adaro was. And it was high time she felt the full power of the shinigami. It was time they stopped doubting themselves and took action. It was time they retook their home. Hisagi could feel it, that resigned passivity that had overcome him these past months, finally beginning to fall away from himself. As if he were shedding off weights he felt lighter, surer, ready to move with a speed that would leave most breathless.

He took the soul candy out of his pocket and popped the pill into his mouth, reaching out for Rangiku's hand as his soul separated from the artificial body.

"Let's show that Quincy how it's done."

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Re: [Hisagi] Would like to do something else to her with my zanpakutou.