[Administration] Game Closure

This is the final administration notice for Deathonly.

With the final arc wrapped, the time has come for DO to be officially closed. The LJ community will remain up until such time as the archives are transferred to the eFiction version on the domain. The domain will also remain up for the time being, so the Quotefile will remain immortalised, the oekaki will still be up and running, and people will still be welcome to read up on the adventures of the characters in the Deathonly plotline.

The game was delightfully fun while it lasted and never as a mod have I ever been so proud to see such an awesome gathering of writers all working in one game. There are so many thinks I wish to make that I cannot list them all for fear of missing one. Thank you to EVERYONE who was ever involved with this game, from prior members straight up to administrators. This has been a wonderful experience and so many new and old friends have been met and made here.

Will miss you all and hope to see each and every one of you around! ♥

Take care, everyone!

[Compile & Complete] Hanatarou, Grimmjow, Edorad, Luppi

A shiver of tension ran up Hanatarou's spine as the word 'joke' fell from Grimmjow's lips but he steeled himself, not letting the insult bother him. Such a thing couldn't bother him. The arrancar had been raised to despise shinigami. Just knowing one was Adaro's closest ally wouldn't change their viewpoint on one. If he let such words about himself from them bother him he'd never make any headway with them. Collapse )

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