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luminamon in deathonly

[Compile & Complete] Lori, Yammy, Ulquiorra, Il Forte

Lori relaxed as Ulquiorra cut off Yammy. She didn't need to get anymore onto the big Arrancar's bad side....and knowing her, she wouldn't be able to resist. No matter how many times she resolved to think before she spoke, it never worked when she really needed it to.

She bit her tongue after Il Forte spoke, holding back the snarky comment she so desperately wanted to make out of sheer force of will, and instead looked over at Hanatarou. He was offering something to Grimmjow -- good luck with that; Grimmjow was one of the hottest headed of all the Arrancar.

Ulquiorra had again proven why he was considered the first and foremost of the arrancar. While others reeled and seethed under these developments, he had come to the only functional conclusion and saw to it that the others would adhere to the will of their mistress by no uncertain terms.

From that point, it was simple for Yammy to straighten his back and nod, eyes casting over the forms of his kin, narrowed and alert for those that would not comply. Sour as it could have felt, he would not disgrace the wishes of Adaro by despising the one left as her equal.

However, that did not hasten his step to request healing assistance from the former fourth division member. Yammy let his thick arms cross over his chest, feet rooted to the spot out of some lingering and stubborn refusal to admit so quickly to this view. He could bear a few more hours of the pain.

"What role does he intend to play?" he asked, gruff still as comprehension sought to slip some pieces into place. "He does not appear to be a warrior of her magnitude..."

There is not a single one of us who could hope to measure up to Adaro-sama's standards as a warrior, much less a shinigami," Il Forte was quick to reply. "But... regardless of his role, she's made it clear that we are to respect him. And so... that is how it shall be. I will not disobey Adaro-sama's direct orders."

He really didn't like the idea of kowtowing to a measly Fourth Division shrimp, but if that was how things had to be, then so be it.

"I only hope we will not be disappointed once again," he murmured, unusually solemn and pensive. "Because I will not handle it so nicely this time."

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