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luminamon in deathonly

[Compile & Complete] Chizuru, Nemu, Yumichika, Kuukaku

Chizuru listened to Yumichika and the sad girl from Orihime's party talk, feeling discombobulated. She understood what they were saying -- she now had the background information to understand -- but she still didn't feel like it made any sense. A part of her didn't want it to make sense. It made the world far too big and far too scary.

The teenager finished up her friend's bandages with a small sigh just as the sexy lifeguard from the summer came striding up. Chizuru didn't even start, although she did blink with surprise. Did everybody know everybody? Who would've thought that the lifeguard would be involved in all of this?

Then again...hadn't she talked to the talking dog? Chizuru's mind spun. This was all too much for her to take.

Nemu bit her lip and nodded silently, holding back another wave of grief upon hearing Yumichika actually say Unohana was gone out loud. She took the vial back and slipped it in her purse, looking up to see Kuukaku.

Surprised and unnerved by the woman's sudden appearence, she took a half-step back. The woman had a powerful personality, and the last time she'd seen her had, well, been at that fair, when she was with Hisagi. She smoothed down her skirt apprehensively, but quickly stilled her hands when she caught herself doing it.

Chizuru was looking confused. Perhaps, Nemu abruptly realized, she didn't know anything about the shinigami. For some reason, since the girl was friends with Orihime and had so often been around shinigami, she assumed she knew.

She would probably find out sooner or later, but Nemu didn't feel like the one to explain it. Instead she glanced at Yumichika, frowning slightly in concern.

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