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luminamon in deathonly

[Compile & Complete] Kisuke, Aizen, Yoruichi, Ururu

His cane tapping lightly on the floor as he headed into the room, Kisuke settled by the low table in a lazy kneel. Wordlessly he took his teacup from the tray Ururu carried when she entered the room. A cute little set of cups that matched the teapot, a gift to match the teapot Kisuke had given the girl on her last birthday.

The day she thought of as her birthday, at least. There were many days that could be considered her birthday. The day the thought of first create her entered Kisuke's mind. The day he finished the plans. The day she took her first breath. The day he completed work on her. The day he sent her out of Soul Society into the living world to survive and not be destroyed as the Chuu-ou 46 Shitsu decreed. The day he found her again after his exile.

Dates that were vivid in Kisuke's mind, but had yet to be mentioned to Ururu.

One day...

Glancing over as he sipped his tea, he noted Aizen looking about the place and smirked faintly. Ah right. The man had never been in his home. Very few shinigami had been, really. "So what was it you came to purchase today, Sousuke-san? And have a cookie, Yoruichi-san. You look far too... Well. You look like you need a cookie," the merchant said, tossing a glance to his old friend. There would be much to be said between the two old friends, two exiles. Later.

"Mm?" Looking away from the curiosities of the man's residence, Aizen turned to the merchant and smiled pleasantly enough. A brow quirked as Ururu stepped into the room. It was the same girl. The same unusual girl. Aizen's interest was on the girl, but he refrained from asking questions and instead picked off a cookie for himself. "Thank you, Ururu-kun." He turned to Kisuke and some how felt the man knew that his curiosity had been rankled and was expecting questions.

Yet Aizen asked nothing, nor would he. At least not in front of the girl and especially not to give Kisuke the satisfaction of being deliberately and annoyingly cryptic. "The usual supplies really. I also had a few questions about our recent sojourn into Soul society and wondered if you had anything to do with it."

Yoruichi grinned in Urahara's direction as she reached for the snacks Ururu brought. She nodded toward the small girl in thanks and indeed, grabbed a cookie to go with her tea. Times like these were supposed to make her calm and agreeable, but the last saying that came from Aizen made her look up. She had no hostility or confusion on her face; she simply had a questionable expression.

"Sorry to intrude, but we've been exiled for ages, Aizen, as you well know." The cat-woman paused, taking a sip of her tea and setting the cup down. "I was surprised myself when I heard about Seireitei." She wondered where this conversation might exactly lead them, but dismissed it as over-thinking the situation.

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