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luminamon in deathonly

[Compile & Complete] Tatsuki, Akon, Kenpachi, Jinta, Mayuri

Tatsuki didn't reply to the child; no use arguing with him about the finer points of turning tail. "Knowing when to run" meant knowing when it was safer and when it was more dangerous, but it wasn't up to her to teach that to every kid on the street that talked tough.

"I tried to fight Adaro myself, but she stopped me with her reiatsu before I even got close," Tatsuki replied to Akon. "So I was a little preoccupied when she was fighting Tousen. There were more people there, though, who might have notice something useful. Hitsugaya-taichou, a shinigami named Hanatarou, another named Rikichi, and..."

Mayuri was suddenly standing behind the kid. Tatsuki retched.

"What... Why are you..." Tatsuki couldn't form complete sentences. It's just as well, though, as she was completely ignored by the captain at any rate.

For the first time - as it was the first time she had seen Mayuri since she had become acquainted with the Shinigami divisions - she noticed the insignia on his shihakushou. It matched Akon's. Suddenly her opinion of the horned scientist turned sour.

Completely confused and unsure of what to do, all Tatsuki could manage was to stand out of Mayuri's field of vision. This was the wrong time place to draw attention to her vendetta. Even so, she was on edge, her hand resting on her zanpakutou hilt conspicuously. She wasn't sure if Mayuri had even seen her during Hime's rescue, and in that context she knew she should try to act casually, but her pent-up anger and tension made it impossible.

With the new scraps of information, Akon temporarily abandoned his seemingly indifferent attitude. Eyes slightly narrowed, he searched the girl's face with an intensity that suggested that he was attempting to look past her eyes into her brain. In earlier times, when such acts could be accomplished more discreetly, there's a chance he would have entertained the thought of opening her skull himself rather than relying on her recollections.

His arms were folded in the sleeves of his lab coat, and one hand clenched around a wrist until it felt as though the bones were about to shift. Hitsugaya-taichou, Hanatarou, and Rikichi. There may have been more, but apparently the arrival of his captain effectively shut down her ability to speak coherently.

"Kurotsuchi-taichou," he murmured in greeting, bowing slightly. He glanced back at the girl, noting how her hand had suddenly moved to her zanpakutou.

"Thank you for the information," he continued, in a lower voice. "You've met my captain?" he asked, feigning mild surprise and suppressing the smirk that almost slithered up one side of his mouth. He spoke as though he couldn't see the look of utter disgust on her face.

Kenpachi was just beginning to drift into another coma-like slumber (albeit a slightly healthier one this time seeing as it wasn't caused directly by more massive blood loss) when he noticed the arrival of another individual. Normally he would have just ignored whoever the hell it was, but to his dismay, it was Kurotsuchi Mayuri, captain of the twelfth. There was no way in all three worlds that Kenpachi was letting his guard down around that man, lord only knew what would happen to his body if he did. His subordinates were bad enough.

"Th' hell're you here for, Kurotsuchi," he grunted, hoping that the other's requited distaste for him would drive him off quickly. That stupid girl had better stop giving them information, too, or they would be here all day. Maybe that kid would end up bugging her until she left too.

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