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luminamon in deathonly

[Compile & Complete] Hachi, Kensei, Shinji, Tousen, Lisa

Hachi chuckled at his newest brother's statement, wondering if they would escalate to that in a 'friendly' spar. Or whether the new vaizard would even be able to push Kensei to use his sword without releasing himself. Kensei was fairly strong in direct kidou combat, considering that nasty explosive punch he had. Hachi watched as Kensei let the first kidou punch, as if in response to his thought.

Hachi glanced carefully at Tousen's movements. To him it was still rather a mystery how the blind vaizard's lack of sight did not become a hinderance. All senses, of course, were used during a proper fight. He pondered on it some more, and decided that reliance on reiatsu to see and move was quite the feat. Hachi took another look up at the fight, closely following Tousen's reactions, to see if his sight caused any difference in reaction time

Kensei took the hit in the knee. Felt it coming though he had, his braced himself to hold his ground against it. Pain flared up at contact, but it sparked something of a cocky grin on his features when it failed to knock him to the ground. The point, disregarding the ache in his knee that remained after Tousen's kick had connected, was to prove that the body could take a pounding, that there was more to real fights than just kidou and shining zanpakuto.

Ain't no worth in fighting if you can't take it like a man. That was what Kensei figured on as he straightened, shaking out his knee and hiding the winces of pain that came with the motion. That hurt, hell it did, but he could take it. Kensei was one hell of a man in that respect, a damned iron house at times.

"That all the pretty girl's got?" he asked, rubbing the back of his neck. Kensei glanced at his fellow Vaizored, eyes narrowing at the manga that the bookworm among them had drawn out. Was that porn? Aw, hell, she was reading porn right in front of him? That wasn't fair! 'Oi, Lisa, why don't you come take care of prissy boy out here?!" he called out, jerking his thumb at Tousen. "I'll keep yer place in that book yer nose is stuck in!"

The tone in the other's voice caused the Vaizored to drop his stance and fold his arms behind his back. He had a sudden case of deja vu, with the exception that his sparring partner didn't decide to end it early over reading. Tousen never took the thuggish one as much of a reader but he was mildly surprised.

Until the thought of what said reading material covered.

"Kensei-san I don't think that pornography is a valid excuse to leave after being kicked in the knee."

Still Shinji leaned by Lisa, bored expression on his face despite the rising aggression on the makeshift battlefield, and when she whipped out the reading material his eyes drifted downward and followed along with hers as she turned the pages. His expression didn't change and he didn't move, but he was amused at Kaname and Kensei's reactions to the new development.

"Pretty easy fight to break up, guys," the blond drawled loud enough for them to hear, examining the dark haired woman groping the innocent-looking blonde beneath her in one of the panels. "If Kensei's ever on my ass, I'll just find some porn."

He was mostly unconcerned with how Tousen had learned to become proficient in fighting without his vision; he simply assumed that when one did without a sense for the majority of one's life, they learned to manage in all the important ways. Those who wished to survive enough would usually survive, and those who wished to excel enough would usually excel.

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