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luminamon in deathonly

[Compile & Complete] Hanatarou, Grimmjow, Edorad, Luppi

A shiver of tension ran up Hanatarou's spine as the word 'joke' fell from Grimmjow's lips but he steeled himself, not letting the insult bother him. Such a thing couldn't bother him. The arrancar had been raised to despise shinigami. Just knowing one was Adaro's closest ally wouldn't change their viewpoint on one. If he let such words about himself from them bother him he'd never make any headway with them.

Predators preyed on the weak.

The flash of Luppi disappearing and reappearing out of the corner of his eye caught Hanatarou's attention and he turned his head faintly to gaze at the arrancar and then back at Grimmjow. What he knew of the arrancar, he knew of them, literally, from Adaro. Various aspects of their personalities, and his bits of exposure to them so far. And what he knew of Grimmjow made him doubt he'd turn down from a challenge, the one that Luppi was presenting, especially with his other option being to stay put and be healed by Hanatarou.

Not happening any time soon.

Shaking his head softly, Hanatarou reached back into the pack and dug about for something. "Stubborn," he murmured softly before pulling out a square adhesive bandage. "If you don't wish to be healed by my hands, very well. But at least use this, lest you present an already bleeding wound to Luppi-san and his game." He extended his hand, offering the bandage. A specially devised bandage utilized for the 4th division for those who were injured but not fatally so. It sealed the wound and slowly over time drew from the person's own reiatsu to heal it. It would heal more slowly since Grimmjow was an arrancar, part hollow, but would work because he was part shinigami as well.

If he accepted it.

He held the bandage out. He really didn't know if Grimmjow would take it or not... He knew he couldn't force the arrancar into being healed, not this arrancar, even with what Adaro said. But he also knew he couldn't just back down and walk away. He didn't have the power behind him to order them. But he wasn't in a position to let them walk over him.

There was no one in his sights except for Luppi who had disappeared on him to end up behind him which was something he could feel on the back of his neck. It almost felt as if he could feel each breath hit the back of his neck even though he was certain Luppi was far enough away. But he kept his eyes on where his brother had been, the blue circles still picking up on the playful smirk that always seemed to be plastered on.

"If that's what you want to call it," he answered, his mind telling him to kill the guy. Not so slowly, Grimmjow turned around and let a foot step out to make that kill happen. Actually, right now, it was just going to get as far as a severe beating, but the intent to kill was definitely there, embedded in every punch he was ready to throw.

His right hand formed a fist. He was ready to throw that first punch and then something stopped him, something small who didn't know when to stop bothering him. Now wasn't the time to keep pushing him to get touched and healed with shinigami knowledge. Now was the time to get the point and move on.

"Didn't I tell ya to back off?" Grimmjow turned his attention toward Hanatarou for a brief moment. It was just enough to turn that fist toward the new edition and smack it into the hand that held the bandage out to him. The Arrancar's body wanted to keep going and use his other hand to finally send that message home, but his mind, something that many of the people in the room didn't think he had, told him to hold off. Grimmjow was sure hurting Hanatarou in any way would be a death sentence and he wanted to stay alive long enough to see victory. After that, all bets were off. "I'm just fine fightin' that. I don't need any of yer help."

“Huh,” Edorad sighed as he exhaled loudly. Grimmjow was starting to froth around the mouth again, and it could only lead to more gratuitous violence. He was all for some blood and fighting; it was way too boring here without any orders from Adaro; but did that mean he would be the only one getting healed by Hanatarou? Edorad liked that prospect much, much less.

So instead of staying out of the looming fight, Edorad spoke up.

“Oi, Adaro-sama’s not gonna like you rejecting the bandage like that. She said we needed to be healed and ready before her return for missions she’s gonna send us on,” he said to his already volatile brother. He didn’t know if reason could reach his temperamental brain, but he was going to try at least.

He didn’t mention the second part of her orders, to listen to Hanatarou’s words as if they were her own. Edorad didn’t like it much, and he doubted Grimmjow would like it any better. There was only so much he could do to push his brother before the blue-haired arrancar snapped. But since he was the only ‘sensible’ one close by, he felt he needed to say something before things got too out of hand.

“And unless both of you want to stay here when she comes back, I wouldn’t go too overboard with this little argument either,” he glanced at both Luppi and Grimmjow meaningfully.

Seeing that his words had little to no effect on the warring pair, Edorad snorted in disgust. Well, he’d said his piece, and if those two idiots didn’t listen, that wasn’t his problem. As for him, he’d had enough of the oppressive atmosphere around here; he was going to his quarters to sleep and would only return to the 1st Division room when Adaro did. Seeing how keyed up she’d been when she’d left, he figured he would feel her considerable spiritual signature when she came back to Soul Society.

Ignoring every arrancar and shinigami in the room, he left his place near Adaro’s throne and headed for the door. He hoped Grimmjow and Luppi would keep their fight down so he could grab a little shut eye, but knowing those two, probably not.

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